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BeShare BeOS File Sharing & Chat

BeShare is a file sharing program, much like Napster or HotLine, but tuned to take advantage of BeOS's unique features. It's also an example of MUSCLE client programming, and includes source code and a MUSCLE programming tutorial.

BeShare is a BeOS-native file sharing program. It operates similarly to other such programs (Napster, Hotline, etc) but with a few advantages:
  • BeShare allows you to upload or download any type of file, not just mp3.
  • When browsing files, you can see their attributes (similar to Be's Tracker view)
  • Your query is always "live", so if new files that match your query become available, you will see them added to the results list right away (you won't have to click "refresh" or anything first)
  • BeShare includes a rudimentary chat mechanism for you social types.
  • BeShare supports any number of simultaneous uploads and downloads in parallel, but will serialize simultaneous file requests to any given host for efficiency.
  • BeShare connects to any MUSCLE server (see http://www.lcscanada.com/muscle for details)
  • BeShare comes with source, and serves as an example of how to write a MUSCLE client.

  • Download BeShare Now!

    If you want to see what BeShare is like but don't have BeOS, Try JavaShare, or JavaShare 2, for non-BeOS users. (Chat Only)

    NOTE: To use JavaShare 2 you will need to dowload and install a Java Runtime enviroment.

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